Not strangers, fellow citizens

Let's work together

I enjoy writing, but I mostly enjoy writing if I know others will benefit from it. If any of the skills below are ones you're interested in me contributing to your local context, please get in touch!

Song writing

Several of my songs have been commissions for a Bible teaching series or a conference. I enjoy the challenge of capturing the main themes of a book in a song. If that's something you or your church would be interested in, get in touch!


I emerged from my music degree knowing that I never wanted to give up orchestration. Cracking the puzzle of how to get a particular group of instruments to play something together that sounds good, taking into account the skills within the group, is one of life's great epic wins. If you have a special service coming up and/or want to include people who play melodic instruments in the band for an event, I'd love to help write some scores for them.

Research and data viz

I know, not what you'd expect alongside these other services, but if you're looking to collect data and present a summary of it, I may be able to help there too. It's all about presenting what can be complex information in a simple story. Plus, I love a good graph!