A bit about me, Cara Thompson

How did I get here?

"Our task is to fund the imagination, to open up the possibility of wonder, not so much providing answers as reminding the world of questions it has forgotten to ask. " (Calvin Seerveld, Bearing Fresh Olive Leaves)

I grew up in a musical English speaking family in France, where I was encouraged to ask questions and seek answers, to love God (partly by taking seriously his desire that we should know him, my 4-year-old self asking "But if he doesn't have a body, how does he get out of bed in the morning?"), and to share the Hope that brought my family to France in the first place. Since then, I have completed studies in Music and Psychology, culminating in a PhD in Psychology, with a lot of song writing, composition and orchestration along the way. I now live in Edinburgh with my husband Andrew and our daughter Zoë. In my day job, I use statistics to explore and summarise patterns in data.

I enjoy combining my love of language, theology and music in creating songs with rich texts to help the Church grasp and express different aspects of Her faith. I also enjoy contributing to the musical lives of others by providing arrangements that local musicians can play for special services, weddings and other occasions. And I enjoy working in partnership with others, and will showcase some of that work here. With people from the past (see The Road), with people whose talents are different from my own, with people who fill me with gratitude that we were not created to exist in a vacuum.

This website is to be a portal to various creative projects I have been involved in, providing access to congregational songs for churches, showcasing compositions and musical arrangements, and generally seeking to contribute something positive to the musical and poetic life of the Church where I can.

Happy browsing, and do get in touch if you like what you find!