Dad's going to be a magician

Reflection on 25 years of being a "mish-kid"

    Dad's going to be a magician
    Well, I think that was what he said
    Mind you, I was only four at the time
    So words may have got slightly confused in my head

    He's going to stop being a teacher
    And mum will help drive this new quest
    They clearly have talents for quite a few things
    But dad's magic tricks are not the best

    There was something about this guy Peter
    Who Jesus called out of his boat
    Mum and dad read about it around the same time
    And decided that they should take note

    So they taught us about this man called Abraham
    Who walked with no clue as to where he would go
    They said we should trust God knew what he was doing
    If we say he knows best, then why would we say no?

    So we got in a boat after packing a lorry
    And arrived in a big house with fields all around
    Our bedroom was massive, so we had fun racing our beds
    Across the still uncarpetted ground

    The church that we went to looked different to this,
    And they all spoke in some weird tongue
    But I know when they prayed God could still understand
    Maybe he also moved abroad when he was young

    Dad wrote more songs and mum kept the show running
    We learnt a new language, made friends, and we thrived
    The school days were long but the teachers were kind
    And they looked out for us from the day we arrived.

    When we all went on tour we met all sorts of people
    Who opened their homes in the towns where we stayed
    We met dancers who hugged us the first time they met us
    And put lipstick on while they prayed

    Because of this we grew up reciting scripture,
    Well we may possibly have been taking the mick
    Out of that lovely but strong southern accent
    And the ever so noticeable lisp

    - Or, Barabas était un bandit -

    That was silly, but I’m really grateful
    For those hours we spent hearing what Jesus said
    It's amazing how useful that turned out to be
    When those words just pop into your head

    Through the highs and lows of family holidays
    Craponne and Mahoina combined
    The book that got dad in complete fits of giggles
    And mum's yawning fits remain stuck in my mind

    It's true, things have not always been easy
    There've been challenges and fights to choose
    But the training in thinking through things for ourselves
    Is something we will forever use

    So as friends and family we're here today
    To celebrate with the One who planned it all
    We're gathered round two faithful servants
    Who decided to follow His call

    And where does that decision leave us
    25 years down the line?
    Well, I’m yet to see a fancy magic trick
    But I'd say we've all turned out just fine!